AquaHeat Arctic DP-120VK

AquaHeat Arctic DP-120VK The AquaHeat heating unit of the Arctic DP-120VK type, has been specially designed for smaller networks and is equipped with a 100% priority switch on hot tap water. This contributes to the prevention of a too high simultaneity (network load) of the installation. This model has excellent performance. The basic functions of the Arctic DP-120VK are:
  • Preparation of hot water
  • Reduction of primary pressure difference
  • Registering purchased energy
  • 100% priority switching on hot tap water
  • Electronically controlled zone valve for the secondary installation
The AquaHeat heat units are used in new construction and renovation projects, which are connected to a central heat distribution network per complex, block, or district. Some specific characteristics are:
  • Suitable for primary supply temperature of> 65 ° C
  • Advanced electronic control for a very high hot water comfort
  • No moving parts in tap water circuit and therefore very low pressure loss
  • Double-walled plate heat exchanger with Kiwa approval
  • Advanced keep warm function adjustable
  • Beautiful EPP insulation box for extremely low downtime losses
  • Compact design with high-quality materials