AquaHeat Arctic DP-120

The AquaHeat heat unit of the Arctic DP-120 type, is the starting model of the entire AquaHeat Arctic series. The excellent performance of this type is the quality basis of all other Arctic models. In principle, all AquaHeat heating units have the same objectives: * preparing hot tap water * Reducing primary pressure difference * Registering purchased energy. The AquaHeat units are used in new construction and renovation projects that are connected to a central heat distribution network per complex, block or district. Some specific characteristics are: * suitable for primary supply temperature of 65°C * Advanced electronic control for very high hot water comfort * No moving parts in tap water circuit and therefore very low pressure loss * Double wall plate heat exchanger with KIWA approval * Advances adjustable keep warm function * Beautiful EPP insulation box for extremely low downtime losses * Compact design * Worthy materials.