For the heat network in Roeselaere (Belgium), Fortes Energy Systems supplied 7 large Atlantis Stations for the St. Idesbald project with a range from 300 kW to 525 kW. Customer: Verbraecken Heat network, location Strijp-S in Eindhoven. For this Fortes Energy Systems has supplied 6 Atlantis stations in the range of 500 to 2400 kW (PN 25). The network is connected on the GBS network. Fortes Energy Systems supplied for this project: 6 large AquaHeat Arctic Atlantis Stations Customer: Homij Eindhoven Completed: 2015 The Markthal in Rotterdam A project with beautiful apartments and commercial spaces and a covered market hall. From the basement tank, made from underwater concrete to the largest cable net façade in Europe, the Markthal is full of scoops and innovations. Fortes Energy Systems supplied heat and cold stations with a range of 5 – 100 kW for this market hall. Fortes Energy Systems supplied for this project: Large Atlantis and delivery station 65 AquaHeat Atlantis large stations and 220 AquaHeat WKW heat units including Diehl measurement and control technology Completed: 2014 Customer: Unica Client project: Provast The Hague Le Toison d’Or in Brussels A luxury combined residential and retail project. This is a very luxurious residential program with apartments and commercial retail space, a large nursery, underground parking spaces and a raised city garden. The project meets high sustainability requirements. Fortes Energy Systems supplied for this project: 72 AquaHeat stations type WKW 4.5 pipes supplied. Customer: Devis NV This is a project of: UNStudio and the Belgian architectural firm Jaspers-Eyers. One Principle Place, City of London Fortes Energy Systems has delivered: Customer: Architect:   Madison Tower Canary Wharf Fortes Energy Systems has delivered: Customer: