They’re off! Edwin & Liesbeth have started their expedition. A plastic car, driving on solar energy, in the coldest, driest, windiest place on earth. People said it was impossible, but they’re already doing it. And if even that is possible, then it’s also possible for us to make a change. We’re already inspired, and very proud to be one of the early supporters of the project. Fortes Energy Systems has provided the Ritter Solar Vacuüm tubes. The AquaHeat Arctic HEX-120 TE Booster is an innovative delivery set for heating networks at 50 degrees and is suitable for heating tap water and controlling the heating system by means of a mixing injection system. There is also a hydraulic separation between the primary and secondary heating system. Functions: * Hot tap water * Control of the heating system by means of a mixing injection system * Hydraulic separation between primary and secondary heating system Hot water: In case of hot water demand, a signal is sent from the flow sensor to the controller. This calculates the optimum opening position of the 2-way control valve on the basis of this signal. The required amount of heating water flows through the heat exchanger and heats the cold tap water to the maximum achievable hot water temperature of approx. 48 ° C. This hot tap water then flows via the back-cooling plate heat exchanger to the TE-Booster®. At the start, the hot water temperature in the TE-Booster® is approx. 75 ° C. The emerging hot tap water from the TE-Booster® is cooled to the hot water temperature of approx. 58 ° C via the back-cooling plate heat exchanger. The content of the TE-Booster is then heated up again to the hot water temperature of approx. 75 ° C. The maximum heating-up time of the TE-Booster® is no longer than approx. 15 minutes. In addition to this Arctic HEX-120 TE-Booster, Fortes Energy Systems has also developed an Arctic WKW S-4P, DP120-VK and Arctic MIX 120 TE-Booster. For more information, please contact us, download the info from our website or call us.